How to support the Aboriginal people in their struggle for justice

21 December 2013


The public response to the broadcast of Utopia on the ITV Network has been widespread across the UK. Many people have asked what they can do to support Aboriginal people in their struggle for justice.

I recommend that people write to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, calling on him to start, without delay, negotiations for a fully constituted Treaty between the Commonwealth of Australia and all the First Nations of Australia. This would included long overdue restitution and universal land rights.

The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

I suggest you copy your message to the Australian press.

Watch this video by 'concerned Australians' calling for a Treaty with Australia's First People.

Please consider donating, or supporting the campaign initiatives from the following organisations:

Grandmothers Against Removals

A growing national network led by Aboriginal grandmothers campaigning for an end to the forced removal of Aboriginal children

Culture is Life

The rate of youth suicide in Indigenous Australia is now the highest in the world. Indigenous Elders are calling for support to help them heal their communities. This is their campaign.

The Intervention Rollback Action Group

Campaign group in Alice Springs organising public meetings and protests to end the NT Intervention and win self-determination for Aboriginal people.

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