The New Rulers Of The World

Verso, 2002

The New Rulers Of The World
Following his 2002 film of the same name, John Pilger collects both original work and expanded versions of his essays on power, its secrets and illusions in a book that illuminates the nature of modern imperialism.

He discloses how up to a million Indonesians died as a price for being the World Bank's 'model pupil' and how the people of Iraq suffered in the wake of the West’s decade-long embargo.

He also reflects on Australia's continued subjugation of the Aboriginal people at a time when the country relentlessly hyped its 2000 Sydney Olympics.

And, following September 11th and the subsequent bombing of Afghanistan, he outlines the new thrust of US power and its goal of 'world order'.

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The John Pilger archive is held at the British Library