John Pilger's Return Ticket (Aus)

John Pilger's Return Ticket (Aus)

The three films included are...

South Africa: Apartheid Did Not Die
In Search Of Truth In Wartime
Vietnam: The Last Battle

John Pilger was banned from South Africa for his reporting during the apartheid era. On his return thirty years later to film Apartheid Did Not Die with Alan Lowery, he describes the extraordinary generosity of a liberated people, but asks who are the true beneficiaries of a democracy - the black majority or the white minority?

'In Search Of Truth In Wartime' traces the changing face of war-reporting from the Crimea through the two World Wars to Vietnam and the Falklands.

And in 'Vietnam: The Last Battle', he attempts to rescue Vietnam's past from media oblivion and describes its last battle against the forces of globalisation.

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The John Pilger archive is held at the British Library