Reporting The World (UK)

Network, 2008

Reporting The World (UK)

'Reporting The World' features 15 of John Pilger's documentaries as well as 'The Outsiders', a 1983 Channel 4 series of interviews including Martha Gellhorn, Wilfred Burchett, Jessica Mitford and Costa Gavras...

Conversations with a Working Man
Dismantling a Dream
An Unfashionable Tragedy
A Nod and a Wink
Smashing Kids
Thalidomide: The Ninety-Eight We Forgot
Vietnam: Still America's War
Mr. Nixon's Secret Legacy
The Secret Country - The First Australians Fight Back
Zap! The Weapon is Food
Nobody's Children
The Most Powerful Politician in America
One British Family
Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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The John Pilger archive is held at the British Library